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Handling someone who is affected by drug and alcohol addiction problems requires patience and appropriate and effective action, the Phoenix Rehab Bali team has it all.



About Us

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About Us – It is the belief, experience and philosophy of Phoenix Recovery Bali, that individuals new in recovery, or those returning to recovery, need encouragement and guidance in all areas of their life in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. We couple this with the belief that family involvement is not only crucial but necessary to an individual’s successful journey in recovery. By helping family members define their roles and responsibilities in the recovery process, we are able to more effectively serve the individual’s needs.

We believe in and apply a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit, meaning we address the physical health, the mental and emotional challenges and beliefs that lead to set behaviours and the underlying issues of lack of connection and deep-seated loneliness that is common amongst most addicts/alcoholics.

Our philosophy also includes meeting an individual and family where they are in their journey, this promoting ownership and involvement in the recovery process. We believe in developing programs tailored to each individual based on their particular needs and beliefs.

about us
About Us

About Us

Drug Rehab Bali

Phoenix Rehab Bali is an affordable drug and alcohol rehab located in Bali, Indonesia, we offer the services of, Private Recovery Coaching and a separate Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Handling someone who is affected by drug and alcohol addiction problems requires patience and appropriate and effective action, the Phoenix Rehab Bali team has it all.

We always provide the best service and rehabilitation system for all clients while maintaining confidentiality in every rehabilitation process that we provide.

Phoenix Rehab Bali is also able to offer Clinical Therapeutic support and assessments for the treatment of psychological trauma, as well as any other mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety.

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Professional Bali Rehab

By providing support, tailor-made recovery treatment and guidance through recovery coaching, Phoenix Rehab Bali ensures the best possible outcomes.

Phoenix Rehab Bali offers effective and efficient concept treatments for individuals from around the world who suffer from addiction and problem substance use. Our professional team includes experienced and qualified staff from Indonesia, Australia and the UK who are competent in their fields and share a passion for helping others overcome drug and alcohol problems.

Substance abuse problems are often associated with underlying mental health illnesses, for this reason, the Phoenix Rehab Bali team works closely with expert medical professionals in Bali, ensuring the safest withdrawal of drugs and alcohol while providing unmatched support to all our clients throughout the rehabilitation period.

Phoenix Rehab Bali also offers a range of specialized services for the treatment of psychological trauma as well as mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

About Us

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