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3 Types of Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

3 Types of Therapy for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol addiction is a condition when a person is addicted to alcohol and it is difficult to control its consumption. There are other terms used for this condition, such as alcohol use disorder and alcoholism. If a person had this condition, then the person needs to do therapy for alcohol addiction recovery.

Several alcohol addictions treatments exist to help alcoholic people overcome their alcoholism, as explained below.

3 Behavioral Therapies for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

The serious effects of alcohol can get worse. Finally, over time it can result in very bad complications. However, you do not have to worry because there are several alcohol addiction treatments available to get rid of alcohol, such as the following:

alcohol addiction treatment

1. Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy. It is one of the alcohol addiction treatments that will help people to overcome alcoholism. Group therapy can also help to improve mental health as well. There are 5 types of group therapy that are most popular; psychoeducational groups, cognitive-behavioral groups, skills development groups, interpersonal process groups, and support groups.

People who have alcoholism are generally isolating themselves. By participating in group therapy, it will allow them to participate in group therapy with other alcoholics who are trying to return to a healthy life. Moreover, this therapy can be beneficial for alcoholics because they will know that they are not alone to fight alcoholism.

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Thus, it will make them build good relationships with others. They also can learn how to receive emotional support from others and make a better life. This addiction recovery has a main goal to make them grow and heal together.

2. Trauma Information Therapy

Trauma information therapy consists of five principles. Those five principles are trust, empowerment, safety, peer support, and non-discrimination. Before starting this addiction recovery, the therapist must make the participant feel safe first. It is because many people who have turned to alcohol and have suffered trauma developed PTSD. Thus, they may feel uncomfortable if the therapist asks about things that happen to them.

alcohol addiction treatment

After the participants feel safe, then they will be more transparent about their lives, so that both therapist and participants can build a trusting relationship. They can also honestly and safely discuss the traumatic events which caused the alcoholism. Therefore, this therapy is one of the most suitable alcohol addiction treatments for people who have trauma.

3. Holistic Therapy

Alcohol abuse can be physically and mentally exhausting. Mind and body can be negatively affected by the continuous use of alcohol abuse. Fortunately, holistic therapy can heal the mind and bodies of alcoholics people. Some of the benefits of holistic therapy are improved health,  spirituality, and self-awareness.

Yoga is one of the holistic therapy forms. Yoga also has become a widely accepted holistic treatment throughout the world as one of alcohol addiction treatments. Why do yoga can be a therapy for alcoholism? It is because the concept of challenging poses and focusing on breathing will help focus and shape people’s thoughts.

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alcohol addiction treatment

With yoga and concentration exercises, they can slow down obsessive thoughts and anxiety. They can also learn how to calm their mind and body so they can get rid of alcohol. Other holistic therapies are music and art therapy. Holistic therapy can help addiction recovery by expressing participants’ emotions using art and music, so they do not have to use any words.

To make the addiction therapy process becoming more successful, alcoholics people need to get vitamins and supplements to repair their bodies. Well, if you are an alcoholic and want to get rid of alcohol, then you can visit Phoenix Rehab Bali. Phoenix Rehab Bali is 24 hours available to help you with addiction therapy.

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